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Steph- Wellspring

5 Aug

I would like to thank everyone at Wellspring for making this a great summer. Alice and Jerry, Richard, George, Laurel, Mike, Maria, Alan, and Al. Wellspring was a really supportive and positive environment for Grace and I. I got the chance to learn about a different culture and religion than my own, and I hope that some of the work Grace and I did will help Wellspring to attract new members.

Wellspring is a good example of a group of people who are living their values and I appreciate how rare that is to find. I hope everyone there continues to find love, peace, and happiness in the future, and that we’ll all see each other again soon! Thank you to everyone at Wellspring for this amazing opportunity!!!!


Grace — Farewell Blog

4 Aug

Steph and I both agree that this job has been the best we’ve ever worked, and we’re really sad to go.  I’ve felt sick the past two days and I think it’s because I’m stressed about leaving.  If I could rearrange the world I’d put Centreville, Virginia and Perkiomenville, Pennsylvania within five minutes’ driving distance of each other.

The summer is wrapping up nicely.  Everything is in place for the August fundraising campaign and we hope Centreville Immigration Forum’s relationship with the National Day Labor Organizing Network (NDLON) continues to grow.  NDLON has workshops and activities for the workers which we hope will continue to strengthen and empower the immigrant day labor community.  I truly hope the work Steph and I have done will prove useful when the Center opens.

I want to thank everyone who made this summer possible — no, incredible! — for us, and I especially want to thank everyone who has supported and will continue our work in our absence.  I want to thank everyone who extended their friendship, love and kindness, who made this community feel like a home away from home, and who helped us mentally process the challenges we faced this summer.

Every face I’ve met this summer remains close to my heart.  Steph and I hope to return for the opening festivities!

Que le vaya bien,


Steph- Farewell Blog

3 Aug

Grace and I have been very busy creating a contact database for CIF, helping design and start an august fundraising campaign, having a productive meeting with National Day Laborer Organizing Network, and wrapping up our time here. Our last day is August 6th! I hope that all of our work this summer serves to help the Centreville Labor Resource Center get off to a running start. That we’ve helped raise awareness among the workers so that when it comes time to form a worker’s assembly they will have an idea of what a labor center can be. I hope all of the fliers, form templates, grant research, fundraising letters, and thinking we’ve done about CLRC help everyone who gets involved in the future to be able to have more to work with than when we got here in the summer.

I’d like to thank Alice and Jerry Foltz, Carlos, Alejandro, Miki, OG Harper, Connie Rojas, Terry Angelotti, Brooke Perez, all of the CIF board members and volunteers, Wellspring Church, George Crossman, Richard Thayer, Mary Schaller Blaufuss, Ana Karim, Paula, David Bennett, NDLON, Garrett, and my wonderful fellow intern Grace for making this amazing summer possible.

This opportunity has been the one of the most wonderful experiences of my life. I was able to work in a truly positive and supportive environment with many different people from whom I could learn a lot. Despite being just an intern/volunteer I felt like everyone valued Grace and I’s contributions to CIF. I met some amazing members of the immigrant community here who despite racism, classism, and xenophobia are able to act on what is in their hearts and try to make their community better.  I gained perspective, friendships, and experiences that I hope will be with me forever.

Next time Grace and I see you all again the center will be open!