Steph- Collecting Data

20 Jul

This past week Grace and I collected A LOT of data, with the help of some awesome CIF volunteers of course. We needed to know how many workers generally wait for work, how many get hired, and how many employers hire workers. So Grace, several volunteers, and I all hung out on the street corner for several days in the past week and counted. We need to be able to compare this data to the data we’ll have about employment when the center opens, that way we’ll know how to improve and how well the center is working.

We also have been gearing up for two amazing events this weekend. The first is a community soccer game that is collective effort between GMU and CIF. Twenty foreign exchange students will be coming from Colombia, Venezuela, and Ecuador  to visit the US and learn from community members about what it is like to be an immigrant here in the United States. On Saturday they’ll be playing soccer with members of the Centreville community, of course both immigrant and native born Americans are invited.

The next day, Sunday will also be the day of Wellspring’s Spanish and English bilingual services as well as ESL class, which the students will hopefully be free to experience.


One Response to “Steph- Collecting Data”

  1. Alice Foltz July 22, 2011 at 12:59 am #

    Happy BIrthday, Stephanie!
    You spent the day talking to workers on the street & working on the database in the office. WOW! what a volunteer!
    Also, we shared a triple-threat chocolate cake for lunch, and you are having a real celebration with friends this evening.
    Thanks for all the gifts you are giving this summer! Hope gifts come back to you in triples, like the cake!

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