Grace — Project Updates

14 Jul

Exciting things have been happening over the past few weeks!  To name a few, we’ve made plans for the Centreville Labor Resource Center opening receptions, worked on a new Centreville Immigration Forum website, hosted a workers’ meeting to discuss questions and concerns in the jornalero community, created an advertising scheme for Wellspring, met with professional fundraisers in Washington DC to connect with potential donors, and have been collecting data on the street to provide a measure of progress/ success when the Labor Resource Center opens.

The most important thing I’ve learned to do this summer is to work with a partner as a single unit.  Stephanie and I share an unshakable solidarity in our efforts.  It’s hard to believe we only have one month left here in Centreville!  We love this job and agree it’s the best we’ve ever had.  As we approach the end we hope to maintain our momentum and preserve the presence of Centreville Immigration Forum in the day laborer community.

I hope to remember to post more frequent updates in this last few weeks.  Keep reading and enjoy the summer.


One Response to “Grace — Project Updates”

  1. Alice Foltz July 22, 2011 at 1:15 am #

    We are learning so much, about organization & about the community, and about people.

    Last week we had a small party with some of the workers, played silly games and laughed a lot. ALSO, comimos un cena grande: pollo con salsa verde, papas, arroz, tamales, dos salsas rojas, atole, y tortillas grandes! Muy rico! Thanks to Grace for contributing the special kafir! India touches the US– touches Guatemala– all in Centreville VIrginia.

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