Steph- Gearing up for the worker’s meeting

25 Jun

This week Grace and I got a chance to meet all of the workers who have been involved with establishing the center since the beginning. On Monday we had a meeting with all of them to talk about how we can get other workers who haven’t been involved to get involved. In the meeting we decided it would be beneficial if on whatever day one of them was available, they could come out with us to talk to workers on the street. On the street, Grace and I have often discussed the fact that all of the rules of the worker’s center are decided by the workers, therefore making it beneficial for them to be involved. However, it is easy for us to say that, but since none of the workers who were talking about the center in their communities were with us, it seemed kind of disjointed. There are of course many obstacles to the workers coming with us on the street, since obviously they have to work too!

Luckily,on one of the days we went to the street, Alejandro contacted us and said he was available to help. On Friday Grace, Alejandro, Connie (another long-term volunteer), and I all went out to invite workers to an upcoming meeting about the center. I brought with me some of the fliers we had made. These fliers were in Spanish, English, and Korean, in order to reach as many employers in the community as possible. We showed them to the workers so they could imagine how the center would help to create more opportunities for work. Any home owner who needed help around the house, but who was afraid of getting a traffic violation, of not knowing which workers they could communicate with, or how the whole day laborer system worked would feel more comfortable coming to the center. The way they would hear about the center of course would be through the fliers. After talking a little bit about how the center would work with the fliers as an example, we invited all of the workers we talked to to come to the meeting.


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